Our Services

If an emergency should arise, please call 911. Emergencies are considered to be those conditions that are life-threatening: loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, seizure, etc. In the case of minor emergencies (lacerations, cuts, mild fractures, sprains), please call our office first for instructions.

COVID-19 Vaccination

We are currently administering the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination to Georgia and Alabama residents 18 years and older. To verify that you are eligible begin our Pre-Registration Questionnaire below!

COVID-19 Testing

We currently offer COVID-19 testing to patients and their parents that are symptomatic and have been exposed to COVID-19 during office hours safely from your car. 

We also offer COVID-19 testing for non-patients that are symptomatic and have been exposed during our after hours until 8:45 PM   *FIRST COME FIRST SERVE*


It is always better to make an appointment as we try to keep on schedule, but we do not turn away anyone. If your children are sick and need to be seen, we will work them in, even if we have to stay late.

We do not tolerate the unnecessary suffering of children. Even if it is after hours, on weekends or holidays, if we cannot address the problem over the phone, we will meet you at the office.


Patients who walk in with a non-emergency condition will be fit into the existing schedule as best as possible, or they will be asked to return later in the day when the schedule allows.

After Hours

The doctors take emergency calls from their homes after hours. Call the main office number, and our answering service will page a doctor to call you back.


Please save routine questions (mild illness, appointments, prescription refills) for the morning. We encourage you to refer to our website first, when practical, before calling the office.