Invisible Killers

Viruses are like a silent thief in the night. No matter how many alarms you have set, or precautions you have made. They seem to always find a calculated way to get in and wreak havoc on our lives. Viruses have been the deadliest killers in the entire world. For example, the Influenza of 1918 infected over 500 million people across the globe and killed nearly 100 million of those people. Germs and bacteria can't be seen by the human eye without technology, that's why vaccinations offer us a security blanket for the unseen. Vaccinations provide your body with a built in security team, waiting to fight for you.

The importance of science driven vaccinations have been as important as ever. Scientist and experts work tirelessly around the clock year-round trying to keep up with the ever adapting and mutating viruses. Organizations like the CDC and W.H.O monitor pandemics around the world and have been a vital hand in eradicating diseases such as Small Pox, Polio, and other deadly viral diseases that attack our bodies and communities.

Vaccines were created to give people a fighting chance against these invisible killers.

Myth: You can develop herd-immunity to viruses and so it's not important to be vaccinated.

Fact: Vaccines allow you to build immunity without the damaging effects that vaccine-preventable diseases can have. When administered properly and in the recommended quantities, all vaccines provide you with the protection that you need. In some cases, a single natural infection can invoke a greater immune response than a single vaccine, which is why some vaccines require multiple doses. However, this makes no difference when it comes to preventing infection.

Myth: The flu vaccine protects you against COVID-19.

Fact: There is no evidence to support the claim that the flu vaccine protects against coronavirus.

However, it's still important to get both of these vaccines. In fact, getting your flu vaccine is even more important in 2020. If you fail to get your flu vaccine, you could potentially be infected with coronavirus and the flu at the same time, putting strain on both your health and our health care system.

Myth: Vaccines are used to microchip people.

The internet can be beneficial for learning more about your health, but it can also be fertile ground for misinformation -- particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are some claims that vaccines are or will be used to microchip people so they can be tracked or controlled through 5G cell phone towers. This is not only false, but impossible. Evidence suggests that this conspiracy theory was spread by people seeking to sow disinformation and confusion among Americans.

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